Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dull Mild Day, B.W. Weber Clean Up, Slow, Easy Sunday, Drone Fun

I was awake and up out of bed on Sunday, Mar. 18th at 7 am. It feels good to be heading back onto my comfortable schedule. It may not be 6:30 but it is still pitch black out at that hour so 7 at least shows promise outside. I crept downstairs and prepared the Keurig and our cups etc. As I opened the blinds, it still was dark so I opted to have a tea before a walk today.

The sun on the pond is beautiful
Bill was soon up, within 15 minutes actually and so was Clemson to go out for his morning piddle. As I stepped outside, of course my tea was just poured, with him I realized that it was much lighter out than I’d originally thought. I could have and maybe should’ve gone for that walk after all. I tend to get lazy if I don’t move right away. We’ll see how the day goes.

After reading our blogs and comments, I searched on line for a Youtube video of “how to groom an ‘aggressive’ dog”. Not that Clemson is aggressive in his normal every day life BUT when it comes to trying to clip his hair, we don’t know how any groomer does it. His last experience at Pet Smart wasn’t a good one and really that was a surprise because they hadn’t even got to the clipping part. We’ve not gone back to a Pet Smart since then but he badly needs a cut.

Selfie with the Sailboat Bridge in the background
So, I watched a few videos today from a gal at My Favourite Groomer. She has the patience of Jobe and even though I can hear sometimes it is on the brink, I give her a lot of credit. She loves the dogs and admits that each dog is different and unfamiliar ones to her can react very differently still. I got some tips for this guy but one thing I took away from it is that a dog with long, matted hair should NOT be bathed first.

The other day I showed you the White Bear Bench
Here is the Black Bear Bench
It was the bathing that did Clemson in the last time. He didn’t like the blow dryer and reacted very strongly to them using it. They stopped rather than freaking him out. I’ve probably told you this. Anyway, I’m going to start brushing his long locks, which I don’t believe are matted, and we’re going to try while we’re here to see what we can do. The weather is cooling down so we don’t want him too short but we don’t want it too long for his next visit back home either.

B.W. Weber gets cleaned up
Ron is either supervising, learning
but mainly keeping Bill company
We had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and/or cereal and cleaned up dishes. While I was being entertained with the videos, Bill went over to lend a hand to Theresa as she was in the process of packing up and moving on. It was my turn to have a shower so I took care of that as well when he was busy. I was just in time to say goodbye to her and Brenda around 11:30. Ron came over for a visit and the guys talked ‘repair’ stuff that we’ve had done to our unit.

Bill decided to give Broken Wing Weber a good cleaning. The ignitor needed a new battery so he replaced that and I washed the drip pan for him. I got the easy part. Boys and their toys, well, as you know, Bill is no different. He isn’t all work and no play so he got his drone out to show Ron. Bill loves his drone and I could tell from the grin on Ron’s face, that he was like a kid in a toy shop. When Bill handed over the controls, Ron did a few turning maneuvers and brought it down safely. Oh-oh, has the bug hit Ron?

A little drone fun
Trying to be proactive, I decided on a chicken thigh and pork chop would be our supper tonight. If I can talk myself into no potatoes, just veggies or salad, maybe I will treat us with a dessert of some kind. With a mostly dull day looming over us and very few patches of blue sky, I didn’t plan on being outside too much. I put on my hoody and took Clemson for a walk around the park when Bill came inside to download pictures.

Hovering over the blue patch in the sky
The weather is full of surprises. With temperatures above 50F you never know how warm that is until you are in it. Sometimes, 50F can feel like 70 if the sun is prominent and others it can feel cooler, in the shade and wind. Today, 53F felt really nice with just a hoody. The sun poked out periodically and when we returned, I took my layer off and sat in the chair with my tee shirt. Bill was in shorts by this time.

Ron's turn at the controls
We were feeling a nosh around 1:30 so we came inside and up made up a grilled cheese bun for each of us. We must be Canadians because we are finding the now 64F warm under the clouds and the lady across the way is sitting outside in her long winter coat. We are all different, that is for sure. Ron returned the usb stick with the pics Bill loaned him and they’ve made plans for a morning outing. You can read about it tomorrow.
And it landed safely
I’ve decided against making dessert since it is already 2:30 so tomorrow morning when the boys are gone, I’ll make something special up. Instead, I placed the last of our fresh pineapple (which we weren’t eating fast enough) into my blender with some cream and yogourt. Not your typical smoothie but a smoothie we can share all the same. Yum!
After the rain
This has certainly been one of those ho hum, lazy type days. Bill and I did some reading, inside and outside, some snoozing, some visiting and watching tv. At 5:15 it was time to get supper on the go and sure enough as soon as Bill lit B.W. Weber, the sky began to leak. There was some distant lightening on the horizon as well as some rolls of thunder.
Not much fan fare at first
They predicted today’s weather pretty much bang on. However, the temperature surpassed the forecasted 64F, reaching 70 before the mercury began heading south again. Between 5:30 and 6:30 we got a nice rain shower but I don’t know if it will do much to green up the grass.

But it improved
Our supper was great, my chicken thigh was perfect. Inside I steamed broccoli for me and nuked some corn for Bill. I just can’t get him to eat that green flowery stuff! We cleaned up dishes and by then the rain had stopped, possibly for the night. Another day under our belts and we realized that we’ve passed mid-month already. That doesn’t leave too many days before ‘home’ time. I hope your day was a great one too!

And it was worth the wait
Goodnight from Eagle's Landing
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

After a somewhat restless sleep, I’m blaming Bill for this one, on Saturday, Mar. 17th we woke up at 10 to 8 when Clemson jumped off the bed. I knew I’d been awake through the early morning hour of 4 – 4:30. Bill was dreaming or something and his restlessness kept me awake. Tonight, I’ll have to strap him down, perhaps! He informed me that our pooch was up at 1:15 to go out so I felt obligated to get up first this time.

I opened blinds and the sun was bright and shining in a solid blue sky. What I didn’t notice at first to the east were the low clouds pushing upwards. By 9, there wasn’t much blue left and the sun had been ousted out. The temperature was 50F inside and 41F outside. I lazed out and didn’t go for my morning walk.

The kayaks and paddle boats got a lot of use today

And even some fishing
Hey! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you all can find the potted gold at the end of your rainbow today. Wear green! If you want to read some history about this day, check out our friend, Nancy’s, post here. Not wanting to get pinched, after washing up I went in search of something green to wear today. And found it, of course.

So, to show off our green, we got silly

We're trying for that perfect picture

Almost there
 Bill was up by the time I got the Keurig ready and we made the bed together. It is easier for two than one but regardless, it gets made within half hour of rising, if not immediately. One of my pet peeves, the bed must be made asap. Even when we had a sticks and bricks home, we agreed that it had to be made up before we started our day.

Oh my goodness! These are so cute!
We had our tea and coffee together reading blog posts. It is a nice feeling not to have to skim and read quickly, as I tend to do while using our hotspot. Especially at the beginning or middle of the month. We pamper our usage. Here, with the really good free Wifi, we are on the internet a lot more, on our laptops and on our Samsung phones. Too bad we can’t move the unused 14 gb to the next month, now that would be a nice Bell gesture, wouldn’t it?

By 9:30 I made us our bacon and eggs and had dishes cleaned up by 10 or so. Bill hopped in the shower while I started my post and debated what to do today. Looking around the park from our window, there are a few trees coming out in blossom. So many signs of spring, a beautiful time of year. It is one of the many things I look forward to back home on The Ridge. Watching my plantings pop.

Bill takes the black pot in to the Maintenance shed
Bill was reminded yesterday, with the stronger winds, of tornado season in this area. It is an inevitable part of travelling home at this time of year across the mid-states, so we like to prepare as best we can. Today, we will take the time to put ours and Mom’s important papers, passports, into our laptops and keep them handy. The park has a storm building not far from us and we know the staff will come around to advise us to move if and when necessary.
So there he is, my sweetie helping the neighbours

I sat with Bill in our recliners with our books. Soon enough he was closing his book and his eyes. In the next hour I would finish Rattlesnake Crossing. It was so good. I figured Clemson would want to go for a walk so I prepared to do that when Bill hopped up and said “I’ll go with you”. So, we tried our best to keep Clem on the short leash (yes, we’re still trying to get him to walk nice after all these years) and walked all around the park.

I dropped the completed book off in the clubhouse. Coming out I found a floater and hook from a fishing pole so walked out the dock and gave it to a fellow who was ‘attempting’ to fish with his son. On the way back, Bill walked down to the beach area to pick up a large bucket that was washed up onshore. He carried it back and took it into the Maintenance shed. They can use it for garbage or as a planter at least and it won’t end up back in the lake.

Ron and Freddy in the dog run
Getting closer to home we noticed Ron was out playing ball with Freddy in the open play area and walked over to their site to chat. Loree (I spelled it wrong, yesterday) came out so we got to meet her. She thinks we may have met once before at Rock Glen, maybe in 2014. We must have stood and talked for an hour and realized just how much we have to talk about. They were heading in to the Casino for supper to celebrate their anniversary.

While over there, a Cardinal 5th wheel pulled in beside us but we really only paid attention when they parked their truck on our site. Hmm. Next thing I know, Bill had noticed they were having a problem with hooking up their water/flushing system and went over. Turns out, it is their first time out with the new rv so I’m sure they have a lot to learn and I’m sure they were grateful for the help Bill gave them over the next 30 minutes or so.
Loved watching this dog chase the stick
Inside, I did what I said I would do and went through Mom’s file, pulling the most important things out. I’ve got them in my laptop bag. Some of those papers are not so important for any reason other than for the ‘logins’ and ‘passwords’ for her personal documents. I just don’t trust my memory. Then I went about finding another book to read. The boys at the end of the lane were back working on the roadway today and water pipes so it wasn’t too surprising when we were once more told that our water was shut off. They hit a water line. Oh dear. That was around 3:30.

Playground area but I didn't want to play alone

These guys were putting their pontoon boat in the water
 Inside, we started supper around 5. I washed (with bottled water) 2 potatoes and cut them up for French fries and Bill started B.W. Weber for grilling our sausage. By 5:45 we were eating and everything tasted great. I bought more cottage cheese yesterday so enjoyed some with my meal. We couldn’t do dishes quite yet so just took it easy after eating.
Sailboat Bridge across Grand Lake
With a chance of rain tomorrow, I decided to take a walk while the sun was in the sky. It was great to get to know Ron and Loree better and figure we’ll do that again before they leave. The temperature at 6:15 is 59F with very little wind so we have no complaints about this day. Our water was turned back on at 6:30. This has been a good day. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours too.

The view across the pond
Bill went next door to make sure they managed to get things running now that the water was back on. After a while, I joined him and while he showed Theresa more things about her new trailer, I chatted with Brenda. They are from Missouri and are just staying the night before moving on. Theresa is a brave lady with a new truck and rv and is soon on her way to work at Yellowstone Park for the summer. Her travel mate is Bama, a wee chihuahua. Good luck!

Ah, there's the special one!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from us!
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