Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cloudy Sky, Walkabouts, Dryden Visitors, Windy Night

Friday, Nov. 17th we were both up with Clemson who had to go out around 7. Bill went back to bed with Clem and I went up to the clubhouse. The sky was filled with clouds, no sun this morning, and it looked like rain so I only went as far as the EAST clubhouse. My connection was not good again so just used my own hotspot. I was curious anyway, how much data I used to post on my blog.
Sitting at the EAST clubhouse
Beautiful ocotillo in my view and the lake in the distance
 As I sat outside on the porch under the awning I heard the pitter patter of rain drops. I watched as a flatbed truck came in loaded down with about 8 skids of what looked like bagged gravel and wrapped patio stones plus a forklift on the back. 

The lady driver hopped out to chat with a couple of rv’ers to get directions on where they needed it dropped. She maneuvered that truck and that fork lift like nobody’s business. I never expected any less but I’m always impressed with these drivers.
She backed in there so easily, first try
I finished my post, did a couple of other online things and walked back to find Bill up and at his laptop. I made my tea and with that finished, took Clemson out for a walk and up to drop off a couple more postcards. If you receive one, it would be nice to know that they are arriving. Thanks, Aj for your note. I chatted with Paul, whom we met at our burger dinner, and we both agreed that we need to get together before Wednesday.

The more we meet people, the more we are in parks, the more we realize that even though we have a very spoiled puppy dog, Clemson is so easy to have around, in our lives. Yes, he likes to be held more than some but he doesn’t bark unnecessarily. When he does, we react immediately so as not to be annoying to others, or to us. You can tell that we are experiencing others who don’t do the same.

The cutest 18-week-old bulldog and his older sibling (?) lives next door to us. Well, 2 sites away. Whether the owners are inside or out, the pup seems to bark without any admonishment. Not 100% of the day, but too often. This is not an ideal place to be training your dog, teaching him that he doesn’t get attention from barking. That is one downside I’ve found about being here in this park and that is unfortunate because it is a great spot.

I’ve just looked out my window and noticed a hummer flying around looking for some food. I haven’t put my feeder out at all yet, having not seen them around anywhere we’ve been.  So, I proceeded to make some solution up and will see if I can attract the little guys for our last few days here. At least now I know they are in the area.

I see that I have 3 very ripe bananas sitting here so grabbed a recipe for Oatmeal Banana Muffins and made up a batch of 16. And while at it, I made 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I would certainly never put my cookies in a contest or a bake sale. They may taste good but they never come out looking the way I think they should.

With that done and dishes cleaned up I moved outside with a new book. I’d started one called Come Home by Lisa Scottoline. I got about 2 chapters in and can tell it is one of those books that I’ll be able to tell how things are going to go. It looked and sounded good but I know it would frustrate the heck out of me. I don’t need to read it so I closed it and returned it to the clubhouse this morning along with Bill’s book.
The sky was confused this morning
A little of this, a little of that
I’m happy that he is starting to get back into reading more. Last winter I couldn’t keep up with him once he started and then he slowed down at home over the summer. That didn’t surprise me as he was working a lot. This winter I have a lot of books finished, moved from my cupboard to his, so he has some catching up to do and seems to be hooked again. Now he is reading David Baldacci’s Split Second.

I walked up to the entrance to meet and ride back with them
With none of my known authors’ books in this park I’ve had to try new to me novels. I have one sitting here I’ll try and get into. It is James Rollins’ The Kill Switch. Anyone read it? I do know that life is too short and too grand to get bogged down by a book that I’m not enjoying. I could read something on my Kobo and may have to resort to that until I get to Ridgeview if all else fails. They seemed to have a lot of the books in our genre.

Lori surprised to see Bill with the camera, I think
 At 3:20 we heard that Lori and Roland were on their way home from Los Algodones to Bullhead City so were stopping in for a happy hour visit. Yay! It is always great to see our Ontario friends and we haven’t seen these two since they visited us at the Ridge in July? August? Geesh, I can’t remember but they will! It was their bike trip to the east coast.

Happy Hour!
Our first this winter, but not our last by far!
They sat with us for a nice catch up visit about our trips, the weather, our health and upcoming family visits. It was so good to see them again. At 5:45 they headed out and we’ll see them a week from Sunday at Bullhead City. Bill lit the Weber Q and put the steak on for supper. I par-cooked a large potato in the microwave and wrapped it in tinfoil with butter and spices. Bill opened a can of Bush’s beans and set them on the grill as well.

Yes, I was there too!
Supper was ready at 6:15 and we were all cleaned up before 7. It was a nice meal and we are both full. Lori mentioned that there was a wind advisory in the area for a couple of days and while we were sitting outside, we felt the first stirrings of a strong breeze that we have not felt for quite a few days. That’s not a complaint either way, but it was almost a verification of her statement. I don’t think it means rain, just some winds.
Not expecting anything spectacular in the sky tonight, I captured this

and then it got prettier
 I sat at my laptop to write more on my post and Bill took his book to his recliner. He is half way through it already! I’m reluctant to sit in my chair, I seem to read a bit and then fight to keep my eyes open. I can’t believe that by 8:15 and 8:30 I am ready for beddy-byes! Oh, my goodness! I’ve turned into a 10-year-old except I WANT to go to bed. Last night I got out my grown-up colouring book and pencils at 8:30 just to stay up until a more normal 9:30. See? I AM 10!

and prettier
This has been a nice lazy type day again and we had no obligations to be anywhere or do anything. I went for a couple of walkabouts around the park, watched some shuffleboard painting, cheered a horseshoe tourney, watched some guys roofing, witnessed some gravel being spread and topped it off with a happy hour with good friends all in the course of a day. I’d say that was a pretty good way to spend 14 hours. I hope yours was a good day as well.

And I couldn't get enough
Good night from Lake Havasu City
Thank you for stopping in today. By bedtime, the winds had really increased. Your comments are appreciated.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Classic Day, Pool Dip, Classic Cars, More Waffles

Since I was in bed last night at 9 I was awake Thursday, Nov. 16th at 5:30 am. Still dark out my open window, I rolled over and managed to drop back off to sleep until 6:45. I slipped out of bed and out the door soon after. The good news is that as is typical for me, on the 3rd day my shingles have passed the stage of being irritating. Yay!

Pretty clouds this morning
The clubhouse wasn’t open yet, my watch must be fast but I only waited a couple of minutes before the staff came and unlocked it. I had it all to myself for an hour so managed to get my post completed by 8.

Someone else finished 'my' puzzle
The sky was quite beautiful at 7 and I snapped a couple of pictures while waiting. I hope to take advantage of the pool again today, we’re into our last week here and I’ll miss it for the 4 days we’re boondocking. We have a couple of hot, mid 80F days before it drops off to a lovely 75F for three days. I think we can take that, all of it, whatever heat is given, we’ll take it, happily.
I was reading a book on Havasu while waiting for my pictures to download
at the clubhouse

Look at these pics of the bridge when they reassembled it in 1968
 When I got back from the clubhouse around 8:30 Bill was up, reading his book after having his coffee and blog reads. Mine included. As I said, my biggest fan.  💗

The shuffleboard field has the template redy to be painted
 I made my tea and joined him in my recliner with my book. After reading a few chapters each and the clock ticking around to 9:45 I got up to make an omelette for breakfast. I added a lot of ingredients this morning, peppers, celery, onion, mushrooms, bacon and a couple of grape tomatoes on mine. Then I added 3 eggs.
When we were cleaned up from that, I began my post and Bill returned to his book. 

Everything in there but the kitchen sink

And it tasted really good too
Told you that he was enjoying this one! I think I mentioned before that I like to start my post early in the morning and keep at it throughout the day. That way I don’t forget what I’ve done and things are fresh in my mind. Yes, maybe it is too much for some readers, but it works for me and I have no doubt what we did on any given day.

Except for checking my phone periodically (seldom) during our day, I am trying not to go on FB or on my laptop other than morning and evening. This month is the big test for our new Bell North American phone plan we obtained before leaving Ontario. October was no judge since we just began using it shortly before the 24th. We need to curb our usage as much as possible, keeping an eye on what things (blogging, posting, Google searches, emails) use up a lot of data. We’re learning. So far, we give the plan thumbs up.
Brenda - hope you approve!
When I was at Sally’s Beauty Store the other day, I picked up the ‘do it yourself’ colour tube my girlfriend and stylist, Brenda, back home got me onto. I like to do my roots myself and even though I love having her do it for me, this is much more convenient as well as much more economical. I was out of the colour I use so the gentleman at Sally’s was very helpful. He knows his stuff.
The sky was still performing late afternoon
with the sun trying to gain access
While there, I also found a Moroccan oil that I thought was similar to what I’d used at home. For my fine hair, it was recommended to add body and increased health to the roots. It isn’t the same and neglecting to read the fine print instructions more carefully, all it did was make my hair very oily. The appearance of dirty hair even though it isn’t. So, now I know how to use the oil but more importantly I learned that I can use it on my skin as well.

Statue of McCulloch discussing plans for the Bridge placement

Crossing London Bridge

Interesting homes down towards the beach area

And now begins a picture overload of the classics I most enjoyed

Such a cute little truck!

This one too
I went outside to the back-northeast corner of the Suite and found a sunny patch to sit in with my book. After 30 minutes, I was hot enough to go for a swim. I wanted to get my 2 hours in early today since we were heading out McCullough Drive today to look at some classic cars. Something we’d heard about from Steve and Kathy.

Getting close to my all-time favourite

 So, I arrived at the pool at 12:15 and not surprised to be the only one there. The sky was full of clouds after all. I got in, did a couple of laps and then floated for 20 minutes before getting into the hot tub. That lasted about 10 minutes and I found myself a lounge chair and read. The sun made brief appearances through the clouds and I was quite warm regardless. Other swimmers arrived, some were a distraction beside me in the hot tub, only because of their loud voices. I’m married to someone with a loud voice so tried hard not to let it keep me from my book.

Nice truck
At 2 o’clock I came back, changed and went back outside to read with an iced tea and cheese stick. Bill was sitting out when I returned with his book but the ‘sleepies’ took over and he went inside to doze in his chair. We left our lounger/gravity chairs at home this winter, an executive decision. We love our high back folding chairs for patio sitting but they are not conducive to naps.

We had to check what this was and not I still can't remember
I finished my book within half hour and came inside to get ready to go out. Before 4 we were driving over London Bridge, it is quite pretty, to the east onto McCulloch Blvd. We didn’t have to drive too far and we started seeing Classic cars all along the side of the street. We found a parking spot and walked the two blocks snapping photos along the way. Bill took many more pics than I did, but again, the ones I was attracted to I captured on the little Canon camera.

My Dad would love this Pontiac
We decided to come back with Donna and Gerry, well, we already knew we’d do that but this is just a good reason to come on a Thursday.  Plus I located a Women's second clothing store we might have to check out!

there are a lot of nice places to eat on a nice day
We drove down along McCulloch towards the water, but it didn’t get us very close, seemingly taking us on the island. Bill turned into a parking area called Beachfront Channel and now we finally see where the channel is and where the beach is. It looked quite nice.

beautiful El Camino Super Sport

And it's from my brother's province of Alberta
He stopped the truck when he saw I was trying to catch the west sky blossoming into a sunset pose. That made it much easier since I can’t see it as well from the park. Thanks dear. Back home I had little sausages out thawing since I didn’t know how late we’d be. Bill suggested waffles to go along with them so he barbecued the little guys while I mixed the batter and made waffles inside. So filling! We stopped before we were too stuffed leaving a couple of waffles and a sausage for his breakfast tomorrow.

and this little bug too

We cleaned up the dishes all before 6 and I settled here at my laptop and Bill and Clem found the recliners quickly. Bill is so close to finishing his book, so that is his goal tonight. This has been a great day. A little of this, a little of that and a little of the other thing too. Always fun no matter what we find to do.

A nice beach area

And the afternoon ends with a pretty sky too

Love pancakes and sausage

I hope your day was equally satisfying. Thank you for stopping by. I love it when you take the time to comment.