Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making the Most of our Days, Yoga, Painting, New Restaurant

On Wednesday, July 26th I woke up first in the household. Not surprising. After going to bed after midnight I was a little surprised when I woke up at 5:45. I actually thought it was closer to 7 but I was obviously awake. I needed to finish my post from yesterday and while my siblings were still sleeping it was a good time.
Good morning from Cedar Haven
Gayle was next to get up and while she was trying to sync her Fitbit (without success, I might add) I took a walk down Periwinkle Lane. They have a pretty driveway and made even prettier with the sun rising at the end of it. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t stick around. Clouds moved in soon after. We had our morning drinks together and decided that we needed to be in the cars by 8:20 to make it to Hanover by 9.

Yoga with Espe
I drove my car with Donna and Aj while Wendy drove Cathy and Gayle to the Yoga Barn. Joanne, Donna’s daughter, was there already to be our #6 in the group. Cathy chose to sit the class out. We stretched and did all the yoga steps as our teacher directed. This was my second time and it went quite well, no complaints here!

Espe, our teacher, was a very cute pleasant lady and made the class fun. I did the girls a favour and didn’t get pictures of us doing the ‘downward dog’ or the ‘happy baby. We enjoyed ourselves and headed back to Chatsworth for lunch. Her yoga word is Namaste which means "I am open to you and you are open to me"
this is not our class but it shows you the room and space we worked in
Gayle had the plan to put out Charcuterie with my quiche. I’d never heard of this but we soon learned what it was. Namaste, be well.My new name for it is going to be Deli Mix as it consists of olives, artichokes, tomatoes, cheeses, meats, crackers and almonds. I’m sure I’ve missed something but the picture says it all. We managed to fill our faces enough so that we could bring out the good drinks for our Painting party.

Our lunch treat
We cleaned up after eating and sat around doing our own thing basically, in the same room as everyone else. The scrabble game continued and when it came close to the time of our next event we changed out of our yoga duds. We had made arrangements to have a Wine and Painting Party with Gayle hosting.

Debbie is getting our paint palettes ready
Debbie arrived at 1:00 and had us all set up shortly after 1:30. She provides everything you need and all we had to do was provide the appropriate table space for easels and drinks (if we chose……and we chose). I tried one of my all-natural vodka coolers and it was pretty good. I’m not sure if the second drink improved my skills or worsened them but we had so much fun.

You get part way through and look at your canvas and think “oh my goodness, this is really bad!” But when we finished, we stepped back and were all very impressed with what we did with our own hands. For the excellent price of $25 each, we learned how to create masterpieces! Debbie was cleaned up and on her way shortly after 4.
From this distance and this stage, it appears as though I've just painted some
beautiful lips
We sat around again working on crosswords, blogs, internet, scrabble and deciding what to do for supper. We decided to try Rockford Restaurant in where else but Rockford. Wendy and Cathy drove us all over there for 5:30 and we got in and seated right away. They had no debit or credit machines working so we all agreed that cash was fine.

Tonight, I ordered liver and onions, sorry, no picture, with mandarin beets and cream of broccoli soup. Yum, yum, yummy. It was quite filling so I’m very glad I only ordered one piece of liver. The day turned chilly and wet which was disappointing but we hadn’t planned anything outside so it was okay.
Quel chefs-d'ouevre!
Audrey won the first game of Scrabble so we started a second one when we got back home. More chit chat and I had to write this or I was afraid I’d fall asleep. My early morning wake up is catching up with me and sitting and talking is not in the cards for me. I need to do something entertaining.

I miss my sweetie, of course, and I’m sure Clemson misses me too. Ha ha. Bill and I texted each other this morning and then both went about our day. This is a nice time for both of us. Bill does what he wants and gets some quiet time without a nagging wife at his side. (If you believe that, you don’t know me).
Wendy goes home to get Morgan
I hope you have all had an enjoyable day regardless of this wet day, or maybe not where you are. Us girls are sharing lots and having fun while doing it.

Thank you for reading. 

Lady Fest Begins, Bill and Clemson – Bachelors for a Few Days

Tuesday, July 25th meant the start of my sister’s time together. We were to meet at Chatsworth around 10. I slept really well after going to bed around 10 or so, waking up at 6:30, stretching and creeping quietly out of bed. Bill and Clemson slept another half hour or so and joined me downstairs. The blinds were open and the sun was pushing through one patch of low lying eastern clouds.
Owen Sound
I had my tea, read blog posts and went through my check list for packing. Once I was confident that I had everything I would need, I brought the Corolla over closer and loaded her up. Saying my goodbyes to the boys for a few days, I drove #6 to Gayle’s. Traffic was good and the weather couldn’t be better!

I was the first to arrive, that is our trademark (Bill’s and mine) we always seem to be early anywhere. It isn’t planned, we are just that kind of people, I guess. John was outside cutting the grass when I arrived and Gayle had just hopped out of the shower. I brought my many things inside and placed them in the hall waiting for the others to arrive and decide on sleeping arrangements.
Gayle and John's Cedar haven
There is what we call the Garden Room, nice room just off the patio to the yard, on the lower level. Queen bed perfect for two. Then down the lower level hall is another room, Gayle calls the Double Room simply because it has a double bed. Beyond that is the Girls Room. This room has a bunk bed set up and two single beds and it is where their granddaughters sleep when they visit.
Lovely home back in the trees
Upstairs is the Master Bedroom and it is huge. When John vacated, this is where I moved my things and set up camp with Gayle. The others worked it out downstairs. Cathy, Audrey and Donna arrived about 20 minutes later, on time. 😊 We caught up as sisters do and fell into normal conversations.
It only looks messy because of my stuff all over the place 
Today we drove in Gayle’s little Chevy Cruze to Owen Sound to the Artist’s Co-op. This is a neat little refurbished mercantile store which has been transformed into a venue for local artists. Beautiful work on display and for sale. Many framed paintings, framed photographs of the area or otherwise and also a lot of homemade craft projects. Wendy, who lives in this city, joined us here.

This apparatus across the ceiling was used in the mercantile to
send money up the tube to the office and change was returned
the same way
I picked up a card and a small hand-held game to show our granddaughters and we moved on to Elsie’s Diner for brunch. It was around 12:30 so busy but it was no time at all and a table for 6 opened up for us. I ordered Elsie’s breakfast with 2 eggs, hash browns, peameal bacon and rye toast. It was very good and filling. I rode with Wendy for the rest of the day in her little RED car. She jokes that when asked what kind and what year it is, her answer is a shoulder shrug and “it’s a red car”.

We began our shopping spree. The thing with us girls is ‘second-hand, second-hand’ all the way so The Mission Store was first. We poked around there for an hour and I found a few things and the girls found a few things for Mom too. Most of us left with a bag of goodies and a smile on our face.
Tuna, Blue, Bolt
Next stop Value Village (if you say it with a French accent) it feels quite classy. Again, we shopped around for an hour or two, bumping into each other down different aisles occasionally. You name it, we saw it and probably tried one or two on just like it. The shoe aisle seemed to be the popular place today as 3 of us found one or two pair of shoes/sandals before we left.
We drove back to Wendy’s little house on 11th and settled in for a drink. The apple cider drink she served was quite tasty and I’ll have to look for it when next I need to stock up on coolers. The afternoon flowed smoothly with our own silliness, jokes and laughter at Morgan’s birds but mostly at the household cats. Munsch is the black one with the lion haircut and Jet is the soft little calico type one.
Jet watches the birds 
As it approached 6:30 we left to drive to Shorty’s Bar and Grill for dinner. Again, with reservations we were seated almost immediately after a short wait outside on the curb. Supper at Shorty’s was another great meal. This time I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak. Delicious meal!

We left for home, Gayle’s home in Chatsworth and did our typical Fashion Show without the modelling. Showing off our purchases and oohing and aahing. Some things never change with this gang. Gayle had started the family Scrabble game on the dining room table so we each played a turn on that before watching Baroness Von Sketch for half hour. I’d never seen it but I found it quite comical.
Before Wendy arrived
Off to bed around midnight, oh my! No wonder this didn’t get posted until this morning. I had a fantastic day and look forward what tomorrow brings. I hope your day was a great one.
Not very much choice here but room for improvement!

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