Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wet Morning, Wet Day, Wet Clothes!! Company Arrives to Brighten the Day

On Tuesday, Sept. 19th we were up around our normal time and once more griping about the sky. Now, clouds all day, 90% rain and possible thunderstorms. Good grief! If I had my own washer, I would put them through a spin cycle and dry them but you can’t do that in the washing machines in town and they are too wet to throw in a dryer.

Here I am, playing it by ear (or eye) at this point. Our friends are expected shortly after lunch so hopefully it clears a bit by then. If not, we know how to make the best of our visit. We had our coffee and tea and caught up on our friend’s news on blogs. Bill went out and cut the grass on the hill, carefully avoiding the hanging clothes. He is skilled, let me tell you!

I had inside things to do as well as a sweep in the Ridge Roost once more and light a candle in there. I freshened up the wild flowers in the Restroom and swept that floor. While I did that, Bill also got my small mower out and tidied up closer to the Suite and down the slope to the driveway. It looks spiffy without the sunshine! I did the floors inside, folded the blankets on our sofa and recliners, then pulled the folding chairs out from under the bed.
We made another cup of ‘java’ before having our showers. In my head, the meals are planned but there isn’t much to prep. Nails need freshening as well so I set to work doing that tedious job. Toes and fingers are crying for attention. Footloose and fancy finger free now! The fingernails are already marked up, 2 hours later but not for lack of trying to keep them neat but my toes look lovely!
Squawking geese fly over
We’ve had 3 hours of overcast skies but dry until 10:30 the light mist has started. My clothes are onto their 8th rinse, I think. This last one is called "Rain Fresh". Bill has gone out to his project under the car shelter, out of the rain. He really could use another shed to work in but I can’t swing that for his birthday. At least this way he is out in the fresh air.

Inside, I sliced mushrooms, washed the mini spuds, cut the broccoli and husked the corn before picking today’s harvest of tomatoes and chives from my gardens. The more prep that is done ahead of time, the more visiting we’ll have. Kathy and Derrick arrived from the busy city of London around 1:30. It is always so nice to see them.
Our guests arrive
You can see the vehicle through the fence rails
The light showers didn’t allow us to hang around outside for long so we moved inside the Suite. Catching up with these two is always fun, sharing stories, pictures and dreams for the future. Over a few glasses of wine, the time passed quickly and soon enough it was time for Bill to light the Weber Q. The potatoes went on first over the grill mat for 45 minutes and then he the steak. I steamed some broccoli inside and boiled the corn.

Derrick's new Lincoln sneaks in
Cozy inside, we enjoyed our meal and loaded the dishwasher before 8 just on time so we could sit and watch America’s Got Talent together. We were both caught up in the show and ooh’ed and aah’ed over our favourite performers. We have to wait until Wednesday night to see who wins.

When 10 o’clock rolled around we were all yawning and ready for bed. Bill took them out to show them how to close the outside doors on the Roost once they are inside and we watched a bit of tv before crawling into our own bed. It was a great day!
Clemson is quite happy, cozied up beside Derrick

I hope you had fun too. Thank you for popping in today. I love reading your comments if you choose to leave one.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pre-Company Day, Laundry, Aunt Mary and Mom Visit, Rain

So, when I woke up on Monday, Sept. 18th I had a couple of things on my mind. Firstly, I wanted to see what the weather was going to bring as I was doing a few loads of wash. Secondly, I had some groceries to pick up in town and thirdly, I was thinking of visiting Mom and Aunt Mary. I got up at 7 and left Bill and Clemson sleeping for another half hour. They were soon up joining me.
The day looked promising
When I finished my tea, I made the bed and gathered 3 loads of dirty clothes. The sky was overcast but it didn’t look like much, if any, rain was going to dampen (ha ha) my plans. Bill helped me by bringing the car over closer and I was off before 9. Darlene and her daughter, Connie, were at the laundromat when I arrived and we chatted briefly while I placed my clothes in the washers. I got a break, as someone had put $2 in one washer and must have walked away so a cheap load for me!
Mom liked her new necklaces
It was warm inside and they were bustling around cleaning the floors and filling the change and detergent machines. I sat outside on the bench so I wasn’t in their way. Soon enough, well, exactly 29 minutes later I folded my clothes loosely and turned back onto Saddler St. E. to go to Rockwood Terrace. I had a couple of necklaces for Mom from the clothing exchange on Saturday.
Mom had some of her dolls tucked in at the bottom
of her bed
I stopped in to see A. Mary first for a few minutes and admired her Thanksgiving decorations that Rob and Pat left around her mirror and desktop. She pointed to things for me to look at. I complimented her pretty blouse and she sang to me. Because her song is to the tune of Happy Birthday, I told her thank you, that I had a birthday coming up very soon. She was pleased at her timing, I’m sure.
One of the sunflower plants I pulled out by the roots, has flowered
Walking down the hall to Mom’s room, I found her sitting on her bed resting her eyes. She was, as always, overjoyed to have family drop in for a visit. I told her that I wasn’t staying long and explained that I had clothes to hang. She said she was pleased with any visit, long or short. We hugged a few times and she put the 2 necklaces on. She loved the colours, as I knew she would.
Rose of Sharon getting closer to blooming
Donna was going to go up soon after I left so I said my goodbye when she walked me to the elevator. Actually, we said many goodbyes during the walk to the elevator. She is a loving soul and this is a wonderful side of our mother. We always knew she loved us from the things she did for us on a daily basis growing up, but we were not a family that said it. I was in my 30’s before I really felt comfortable enough to say “I love you” to my Mom and Dad. And they reciprocated with ease. My Dad passed when I was 40 and I was happy that I had no regrets in my communication with him.
Clothes are camped here for the night
I drove home to the Ridge and promptly hung my clothes before making myself another tea. I read blog posts to catch up on friends and at noon made Bill egg salad on a bun, while I finished off the last of the chicken salad in the fridge. We had put the garbage and recyclables out at the road before 9 and when I returned at 10:30 brought the empty container back.
Rain, rain go away

Running down the upper driveway - again but not as bad

Pane sitting in a puddle
There wasn’t much wind but with the warm 20C day I didn’t think it would take long for my clothes to dry. Around 12:30 I headed back into Durham to pick up the groceries we needed and visited the LCBO for a couple of bottles of wine. With company coming tomorrow and a couple of celebrations very near, they would be empty returns soon enough.
And after supper the sky started performing
As I walked out of Foodland, I felt like swearing at the sky! It was raining, lightly so far but back home my clothes wouldn’t have even had a chance to begin drying. By the time I made it home after my errands, Bill said he had checked the clothes and I was exactly right. Rinse cycle 2 and 3 and now there is grumbling in the sky. I guess the thunderstorm that Hanover got early this morning/last night is gracing us with its presence today. Wonderful.
The fog rolls in
No point in worrying about the clothes now, it looks like an all afternoon rain now even though the Bunnesan forecast said clearing with sunny periods this afternoon. Yup, good job! Before coming up the drive, I picked up the mail. Three pieces for Bill and one for me and one for Mom. My first birthday card, that is the kind of mail I like to receive. I put the groceries away and settled inside with my book.

And the first sun appearance

At 2:56 pm the rain slowed down enough that I grabbed my camera and ran out to get these pictures of our lot and the driveway. At the same time, I met Bill running from the cargo trailer to the Suite. He was kind of stranded out there for an hour. We stayed inside, what choice did we have? I got a few more chapters read and Bill got a snooze in. Clemson rotated from one lap to another after his meal at 5.

This is one of those times when every second it gets prettier

The rain stopped around 4, an hour earlier than my last forecast check. Easy to give the forecast when you can update it once you realize it isn’t correct. We could all be forecasters! Yes, I’m teasing so don’t take offense to that if that is your position of employment. We all get frustrated when it is something we think we can rely on.

The clothes hung limp on the line for the remainder of the day. They are far wetter than when I brought them home so they’ll stay there overnight. In the afternoon, I was working on making a spaghetti sauce with just a few tomatoes. Well, it didn’t make much and it was rather painstaking so I’m not sure if I’ll do that again. I’d rather make soup and buy my sauce. We’ll see.

For supper tonight, Bill ate a bacon burger that was left over from a previous meal. I had a bowl of my tomato soup with crackers. Yum and double yum. It was quick, easy and filling. I bought some more ice cream today so we can have some for dessert and I’ll have mine with a banana.

I went out to snap some photos of the strange sky. First the fog moved in, thick as pea soup, and then in the blinks of an eye, it would clear. At the same time, the sun was making an appearance on the horizon to our west. I tried to capture what I could all the time with my fingers crossed for a lovely day tomorrow so my clothes will dry early.
Stunning finale
I hope your day was a fun one, whatever you got up to.

Thank you for reading today. Comment if you wish, I’d love to read it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A New Glorious Day, Sorting Yesterday’s ‘Joys’, Visit with Fellow RV’ers

On Sunday, Sept. 17th we got up around 7 to another beautiful morning. Bill opened the blinds and the sun beamed through them soon after. He made our hot drinks and we settled at our laptops for our morning reading. I had a post to finish from yesterday so set about doing that. It was being temperamental for some reason but by 9:30 I was done.
Beauty of a morning
 I took a walk down to our turbine lane, the turnaround point for me. There was more of a breeze today and that is a good thing as it was already 17C. When I returned, I brought my bag of goodies into the Suite so I could sort them and see if anything else needed to be removed from the closet. Took out 10 pair of foot coverings and brought only 1 pair back. That, my friends, is progress!

Our neighbours front field is drying up
Bill went out early to work on his shelving and after a second tea, I went to the bedroom to see what I ended up with. 
My friends were no help, I might add, in helping me to bring just a few things home. Everything I tried on, they encouraged me with compliments. Thanks gals! Ha ha! Pat, in particular, kept finding just the perfect “me” item and usually she was bang on!
Our neighbour two doors down has a mower behind the rider
That done, I found another big shopping bag full of things to go out. I forgot to look at my jackets. My niece, Joanne, is hosting her own Clothing Exchange this Saturday so I will drop this bag at Donna’s this afternoon to take. We will have another one in the spring, up here in our neck of the woods and I’m sure there will be more purging we can all do at that time.

My goodies

A bag full to go out already
 For some reason, I guess the time of year, house flies are loving this hot and cool weather. The door opens and no matter how cautious we are, there must be a handful slip in. I don’t know how much time in total I have spent killing them, picking them up and then washing the inside windows. Too much! Bill kills but doesn’t necessarily wipe the windows afterwards. I don’t mind, just get the pests!
Books I picked up yesterday

I made up an egg, bacon, celery and onion breakfast at noon and served it in a plain wrap. Bill liked it and said he wouldn’t mind it again. The green onions are still plentiful from my garden and there is no better feeling than walking out and picking my own. I can’t wait to plan my veggies for next year. There will be some changes and some similarities.
A nice Happy Hour visit 
With dishes done, Bill finished up outside before coming in for a shower. There may be time for him to have a snooze while I clean up and before we head out. I have some tomatoes to make something with so either more soup to freeze or spaghetti sauce Hmm. Thinking cap time!

John is popular with the pooches today
Today we are experiencing the strongest the winds that we have had in several days and it feels quite nice. It is forecast to reach 81F/27C so the breeze will be welcome. We’ve had our awnings open daytime/evening and overnight for a week now but will put them in today before we go out. Even still, the winds are only 8km with gusts to 12km/hr.
Another nice spread - good eats!
We left the Suite, all three of us, and dropped the bag off at the Acreage on our way to Chatsworth. Gayle wasn’t expecting us until 2:30 so we’ll take our time. We’d invited Pat and Rob to join us but they have tickets to Casino Rama. I don’t want to spoil it, Pat will fill you in on Facebook. They would also have enjoyed seeing Mike and Dee today but we are all so busy in this life of retirement!

The gazebo on Gayle and John's side deck

Gayle shows her guests around

Her garden entrance

Thought I'd show you one of the outfits I got yesterday
 Dee and Mike were already at my sister’s place and Gayle and John gave us a glass of wine or beer of our choice and we went downstairs to their gazebo in the shade. It was a little warm but no one complained as we chatted and feasted and drank during our Happy Hour. Catching up is fun and so is learning of each other’s adventures for the winter. Before long, we realized that it was after 5 and so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

When we left, these were the only clouds visible to the west
Tonight, we are going to make the bacon-wrapped potatoes I mentioned in my post yesterday. With some added instructions from Laurie by text, I cut the little potatoes and wrapped them before placing them on a wire rack over a baking sheet. We had a few delicious nibbles at Gayle’s so could easily wait the hour while these baked. The butt chop is big enough that we can share tonight.

Love this country road
Once things were on the grill, I took my book outside and read a few more chapters. By 7 we were eating delicious potatoes (thanks L.A.) corn on the cob and chops. Well, the chops were okay, Bill really enjoyed them. 

We cleaned up the dishes and settled inside for the night. It does get dark early now and at 7:30 you can’t read out there. I like to move indoors anyway.

Where is the steep hill sign?
I hope you have had a great day. We had another fun one for sure. Thank you for stopping in and checking us out today. I love getting your comments.

Driving to Aylmer, Laughs with Sisters and Great Friends, Clothing!

On Saturday, Sept. 16th I woke up around 6:30 as did Clemson and Bill. Clem needed out so we all satisfied the urge as well. We crawled back in bed for another 45 minutes before rising and shining. This was to be another gorgeous day and we deserve it up here! It’s about time we got many days in a row of great weather!

I donned my runners and a light jacket and headed out for my walk. I can’t say enough about the peacefulness of these morning walks down the country road. After 30-minutes I returned to see Bill readying to go to Hanover. There a few things he needs at Rona. 

I love this view of our place
Notice the flag is just hanging limp

Sorry, another pond reflection picture

Our neighbourhood house of many colours
He has made flower boxes out of pallets

I caught up on a few blog posts of friends with my tea and hopped in the shower. 

Two cobs of field corn per stalk
Bill and I were having a discussion about this so I was curious
Bill returned with his goodies at 9:30 and Donna and Gerry arrived soon after. We loaded Donna's donations into my car and we said our goodbyes to the guys. A fun day is on the way!

These are my contributions to the day
From the Ridge we drove to the Aljoe's home in Durham to pick Pat up with her bag of goodies. Then to Rockwood Terrace where Gayle was parked and waiting with her stuff. She rode in the back with Donna and Pat rode in the front with me. I needed just a bit of help with directions and had given her the Google map printout. 

The Book Wagon
We arrived at Laurie’s place at 12:45 or so. My first priority was to head to the bathroom and bee-lined there immediately. The girls had started unloading our goodies into this beautiful farmhouse home.

Donna and Gayle enjoying lunch
Laurie and Sara were in the kitchen preparing lunch for everyone, what a feast! The general idea is to empty your own bags, placing pants with pants, skirts with skirts and so on. Soon enough, you have more than one pile of everything, as other guests arrived, there wasn’t a clear space to be seen other than the floor. Her chairs, sofas, tables were laden with clothes, purses, jewellery and shoes.

And what a spread it was! Wow!

Bacon wrapped potatoes, yummy

Btw, most of this was claimed
Shoes under the table too
And the fun begins

This is only half of the shoe pile

Sharon's granddaughter entertains herself

Heather, Gayle and Laurie in fine form
We always have a great time

Pat enjoying the goofiness with a refreshing lemonade
this was her first time at one of our Clothing Exchanges
but not her last!

Our fun-loving goofy hostess Laurie!

Darlene and Pat
There is always something going on

How the heck does this dress wrap?

Laurie gets lots of advice on how to wrap it

This was a huge display of ‘joy’ as my sister, Gayle, described something she had read. If it didn’t bring us ‘joy’ in our own closet and when we wore it, we brought it here for someone else to experience.

Soon the aroma of lunch reached us and we took our time filtering into the kitchen sampling her quiches, fruit, cheese balls, chips and dessert goodies. With a lovely space inside and out, we chose our favourite to sit and chat with friends, new and old alike.
Birthday cakes for our birthdays

Soon enough but too soon it was time to pack up and say goodbye. We all managed to find some special ‘new to us’ things to bring home. 
A hug for our hostess
Before we left, our host had two birthday cakes to celebrate our friend, Laurie’s, and my birthdays and the serenade began. Thank you especially, Heather, for your addition to this famous Happy Birthday rendition.
Heather priming up to sing to us

The drive home was uneventful other than I took a wrong turn outside of Stratford. With gps and passenger support, we got straightened out soon enough and made it back to Durham. It was 7:10 when we first did the drop off in the opposite of the pickup. Gayle first, Pat, Donna and I was home at The Ridge at 7:30.
And the gang gathers around the table before we leave

Bill managed to keep busy too giving some help over at the Acreage with Gerry, Mike and John and at home here with his cargo trailer project. He also topped up our fresh water tank while he was there. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was a fabulous day! I’d planned only to have soup and buns for supper and that was perfect for me after having such a great lunch. Bill needed a bit more so had a sandwich to fill him up.

And to join the fun, I donned this Onesie for laughs
I hope you have had a wonderful day too. Thank you for stopping in! Your comments are always welcome!